Your personal privacy is valued and will be protected wherever legally and technically possible. Your information is not monetized. This mail server is a labor of love and supported by its users.

This service is hosted in the Netherlands and is managed from the United States. Legal complaints from outside these countries may not be respected.

Data Usage and Retention

Public Informaton

The following information can be made public at any time and may be featured on this website.

Confidential Information

Sometimes it is necessary to review the server's usage to prevent abuse of the network or fix technical problems. It can also be surrendered during legal inquiries.

Private Information

This data will only be surrendered to law enforcement as a part of a court order and will not be reviewed by management under any circumstance.

  • Registered email addresses. Anyone can probe the existence of an email address by attempting to register it.
  • Anonimized usage statistics, such as total disk space used, total number of active emails, and total number of users (both globally and per domain).
  • Mail to staff may be disclosed at their discretion.
  • Webserver access logs will be stored indefinitely until cleared manually. These contain a connecting IP, your browser string, and the destination URL.
  • Mail filtering rules.
  • Account creation information, which includes the IP address and timestamp of when you registered.
  • IMAP / SMTP logs are stored temporarily and contain records of mail sent and received, including email addresses and IPs. This does not include contents or headers.
  • Email contents and email headers will never be read, but will be scanned by automated antivirus and antispam tools like ClamAV.
  • Your webmail address book will remain private.
  • Folder names and organization will remain private.


HTTP and HTTPS data may be collected by Cloudflare, our DDoS mitigation provider. If you are interested in their privacy policy, it can be accessed here.

This doesn't apply to data transfered over POP, IMAP, or SMTP. These direct communications with the mail server do not pass through the Cloudflare reverse proxy.