Overview of our privacy policy and trust implications

Privacy Policy

This is an abridged version of the Privacy Policy. There's not much to be said here; I will give you as much privacy as legally and technically allowed.

  • I will never read your email.
  • I will never surrender your emails, attachments, or account unless subpeoned by the Netherlands or the US.
  • I will never reset your password or surrender account access under any normal circumstances, unless required by American or Dutch law enforcement.
  • Your email is not used to advertise to you and is only scanned by open source antivirus tools like ClamAV.

Hosted in the Netherlands

The Netherlands is consistently rated as one of the best countries for data and personal privacy. In 2013, Freedom of the Press ranked the Netherlands 2nd world wide in its annual Freedom Index. Source

Although the Freedom Index is dropping globally because of an invasive United States influence, the Netherlands, Iceland, and Scandinavia continuously top the list as some of the best places to live and host websites.Source

How can I trust you?

In short: You can't. The email protocols used by this website, and most of the Internet, do not support encryption. This means emails stored on the webserver will be in plain text.

If you're concerned about emails being read, privacy experts and webmail hosts like Vincet Canfield of suggests encrypting your email using PGP and webmail add-ons like Enigmail. These things are a matter of personal responsiblity, however, and can't be enabled natively by Lolcow Email. Encryption provided by mail servers would still be legible by the mail server.